Touch Mini – Glow in the dark green

R 150

Combination of 4 and 5mm Allen keys – most common sizes for adjusting bicycle, especially cockpit parts etc.*
Each tool weighs only 26 grams – super light and compact!
From centre toolbit to end of lever is 60mm – sufficient leverage for adjusting parts.

Also useful as additional tool for pivot or mounting hardware bolts on suspension bikes that need a tool for both sides.

Toolbits CNC machined from 420 stainless steel and heat treated: corrosion resistant and hard wearing.
Curved pivot washer CNC machined from stainless steel for smooth rotation.
Custom cut bolt made from 12.9 grade chromoly for high strength and stiffness.
Stainless steel nyloc nut installed with threadlock compound.
Handle 3D printed in high resolution from PLA, uses circular ribbed design for best grip and feel – choose colour version or glow in the dark green**

Handle printed in-house, bolt-end hand painted, and then hand assembled for smooth movement. All done in Cape Town, for that perfect mini Touch experience!

*Can use any toolbits from Touch adjust toolset if wanting to change the tools
** Glow in the dark version helps locate tool during night time use

Delivery cost in South Africa to major city areas = R 75.00.
Please note, if you stay far from major cities or based in rural areas, delivery costs may vary – you can enquire for a quote please!

Delivery outside South Africa: Please contact usĀ



Touch Mini bike tool combines most common tool sizes, 4 & 5mm Allen keys, into a light and compact design that is fast, easy and fun to use. The toolbits can rotate and be used in many positions and even as a rotating handle that moves like a set of cranks!

Some ideal uses are:

Lightweight tool for short rides or races where weight and size are crucial.
Secondary tool for use with suspension pivot or mounting hardware that requires two tools to be used.
Can be kept in back pocket of cycling jersey for fast and efficient use to adjust the bike, while larger toolset is kept in other storage space.