Touch Bike Parts:

Our core components are adjustable, serviceable, and durable; made to be cherished for their entire life and a pleasure to use. Sustainable products that perform!

Now focused on direct to market sales for best pricing to the customer!

Hello, we would like to get you more in touch with your bike and the setup.

The Touch Bike Parts company, based in Cape Town, South Africa, started when there was a clear excess of used parts and tools collecting in my bicycle room, and having similar discoveries with other cyclists… began the journey to provide products that would help alleviate this, and at the same time give a fantastic and expanded user experience. Buying for the future is more sustainable!

Having designed frames and complete bicycles from road to full suspension mountain bikes for several years with a few of them getting IF Design and Eurobike awards, I decided to put energy into creating tools and components that can provide long term use, as well as increase both flexibility of setup and the overall enjoyment of high performance products.

In essence, our components and tools try to increase the lifetime of the items by limiting similar components of varying sizes, using high grade materials throughout the product, and altogether create an ability to finely tune the fit and feeling on a bicycle.
This includes the customisation of the Touch adjust tool one carries during a ride to match the bike choice, and the efficient design hoping to encourage you to adjust and experiment with your bike setup during your rides.

The user can adjust, adapt, rebuild and re-use these products* for long term enjoyment, thereby giving you more for your investment in the bicycle world, and helping to limit throw away or excess items.
Buy buying for the future, one uses less of the planet!

Getting you more in touch with your bike and body is our ultimate aim. And we hope you cherish our products as much as we do.

Happy cycling – Raoul De Villiers

*Please be patient for additional products, they will become available after thorough testing and enjoyment!