Like the name suggests, we want to get you more in touch with your bike(s), the components you use, how you adjust them, and altogether get you to have a feel for every change that you make and how it has an effect on your own riding fit and performance.

The Touch adjust multi-tool is there to make the adjustment or repair of your bike easier, while also helping you to engage with the varying adjustments of the bicycle and effects this has on your riding performance. (See Tool page for full design details)

Long arms for excellent leverage plus overall slim profile and low weight set it apart. No need to struggle with short multi-tools for leverage and grip.

The tool itself can be adjusted to your bike and personal needs, helping in this aspect to create a product with current and future proof benefits.

Designed with full finger gloves and all weather conditions in mind. The open design makes it easy to find and select needed tool in any conditions, limiting fumbling to get the tool ready. Gloves or no gloves, it is fast and ready.

Parts are replaceable and highly corrosion resistant, meaning it can be there for you for many years, saving you money in the long term.

When building the tool, we recommend using some lubrication between the pivot washers for an extra smooth feeling – whatever you have at home for use on chain or grease etc, will add beneficial smoothness. This can be dabbed onto the washers while assembling, or after by using a thin penetrating type oil and by rotating the toolbits, the oil will get into the gaps.

After building your tool, we recommend using the tool from both pivot ends on some tight bolts to settle in the washer parts and re-tighten after this to ensure your chosen rotation resistance is maintained.

Although it is a build and forget item, the pivot washers can be lightly lubricated when needed to speed them up, and the thread areas can use more threadlock compound if they keep getting loose over time.

Please get in touch if you need more information for these procedures, they are easy and will keep your product happy for years to come!

We believe that the tool has better functionality without a chain breaker added to it. The functionality in the tool that one uses fairly often to adjust and swap parts on one’s bike is most important to us.

We also find that a separate chain breaker provides better leverage and functionality in use, and thereby not clutter the Touch adjust tool just for the hopefully few times you need to break a chain link during your riding years.

Other benefits of separate tools is that it makes weight distribution in the rear pockets of a cycling jersey much easier, and limits one throwing away a tool if one of the components wears or breaks.

We have some products being tested, top secret and innovative!

Our aim is to continue supplying products with an expanded user experience, and of high quality materials, for both long term enjoyment and value.

We hope to release them as soon as they are ready… please be patient, we are planning to uncover more products once they are thoroughly tested, controlled and polished to meet our high standards.