Customisable multi-tool at your fingertips!

Select the tools you need for your bike and build your tool.

Build it, use it, make it your own.

Custom multi-tool you build yourself made from corrosion resistant materials, accurately CNC machined for precision and fit.
Choose from 9 toolbits for a 4, 6 or 8 tool setup. Adjust it as your bike and needs change.

Touch adjust is designed to be long, light and fast.

Designed for efficiency: long arms for leverage, and narrow profile to reach tight spaces on the bicycle.
Like a mobile workshop on hand during your ride, encouraging you to adjust your bike. Works great in the workshop too!

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Touch adjust design

The narrow aluminium arms and slim pivot system ensure that the tool is unobtrusive in a back pocket of a cycling top and makes it fast and easy to use, as well as able to reach tight spaces easily.

Being made from highly corrosive resistant materials, it will happily spend time in a moist environment like a sweaty pocket or hydration backpack without becoming tarnished and corroded over time, ensuring good fit into bolts, as well as a smooth operation and feeling.

The compact size and pivot system means it is light, yet the long length ensures great leverage87mm from pivot to end of tool arm!

Great for finding the right torque due to the long length allowing for sensitivity to bolt tightness, and saving you energy when using the tool on a ride or race, especially when compared to short multi-tools.

Open design of the 40mm length toolbits in between the two ultra stiff aluminium arms makes it easy to select correct toolbit, even with full finger gloves on and tired hands, thereby saving you further time and energy while out on the bike.

Tool that you adjust… for your bike and your own needs

Select the tools you need for your bike and build your tool!

Start by investigating your bicycle for the parts you like to adjust most and write down which tools they require.
Decide if you want to carry the maximum of 8 toolbits, or just need 4 to limit weight and size.
6 toolbits seems to be the most popular choice for size, weight and comfort.

Just remember, it is your choice!

Made from high quality materials: CNC 6061-T6 aluminium arms; stainless steel toolbits, bolts and washers.

Modular design allows for adaptability to your various bikes, replacing of worn parts over time, and future customisation as new toolbits are created for the Touch adjust system.

Replacement parts will be available, please get in touch with us if needed.

100% CNC design

All parts are 100% CNC* machined for accuracy of tolerance using high end materials suitable for the job.

Aluminium arms made from 6061-T6 for excellent stiffness to weight ratio and clear anodised to maintain a bright and visible finish.

Toolbits and bolts are made from 420 stainless steel and heat treated to a hardness of 50 HRC – made to last, not break. Under extreme strain it will bend, not crack, leaving it usable out on your ride.

Washers are CNC machined from stainless steel for perfect fit and smooth rotation.

*CNC: Computer Numerical Control – A computer converts the design into numbers which are then used to control a cutting machine to produce the part accurately.

Touch adjust technical information

Touch adjust parts list

2 x 6061-T6 CNC aluminium arms (Silver/clear anodised)

2 x each: 2, 3 & 4 toolbit width bolts – so a choice of 4, 6 or 8 toolbits per tool
– All bolts have threadlock compound pre-applied

9 toolbits: Allen keys 6/5/4/3/2.5mm; T25 & T30; 1 x 2mm Allen key with 2 spoke key sizes*
1 x flat/rounded screwdriver with 2 spoke key sizes*

16 x CNC curved washers

Included is 2.5mm long “L” shape Allen key for assembling the tool

*2 Spoke key sizes: 1 for 3.23mm nipples + 1 to cover sizes above to 3.45mm

Exploded view note washer orientation!

Tool dimensions in mm

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Custom experience

Buy your Touch adjust tool and start discovering the joys of selecting, building and adjusting, knowing you have your own personal setup to match your bike on every ride. Make your bike ride better.

Build it, use it, make it your own!